What our clients say...

Ashley V.
Ashley V.
Worcester, MA
Robyn was awesome with our 8 week old puppy! She helped us housebreak her and teach her basic obedience commands! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to train their dog!
Darcy F.
Darcy F.Palmer, MA
Robyn is an excellent trainer! She really understands dogs, and her approach to training using positive reinforcement was eye opening for my fiance and I. Robyn worked with us and our pitbull-mix rescue dog Winnie. Since completing 6 sessions, we've seen a big-time improvement in Winnie's behavior. Winnie walks on a leash without pulling now and is able to focus her attention on us. We're looking forward to continuous improvement using the tools and tactics Robyn taught us.
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B.Spencer, MA
My husband and I could not be happier with Robyn and all the help she has given us and our rescue dog Bella. We adopted Bella at 2 years old. She was crate trained but had minimum obedience skills and needed a lot of leash work. Robyn came to our house to work with us as Bella. It was great to have her in our home showing us what to do as opposed to a class with other dogs where there are multiple distractions. Not only did she work with us during class but she also helped show us what we needed to do with Bella during the week to make the training stick. Once we got the basics down she moved outside with us to work on leash skills. Eventually, she even started to bring some of her dogs by to work with Bella on her reactive behavior. By the end, we were able to walk Bella with another dog and even have her lie down calmly with another dog right there. She walks great now and we continue to see improvements. We loved not only the obedience training Robyn provided but also the fact that she taught us how to work on other tricks by taking smaller steps. Practice is key but Robyn was there for support and ideas and tailored the training to our exact needs. Bella was always so excited to see Robyn and she was always tired out by the end. Our neighbors have even noticed a difference with Bella and it's all thanks to Robyn!