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Quickly house-train your puppy by teaching him when to go and where to go, and properly managing his environment.  We’ll guide you in setting up a schedule and how to put his peeing and pooping on cue!

Focus Work

We train simple exercises to help your dog pay attention to you even in a highly distracting environment.  Gaining your dog’s undivided attention helps to build the relationship you have with your dog and makes training easier.

Loose-Leash Walking

Is your dog a strong leash-puller?  Is he constantly distracted and not listening to you on walks?  We’ll help you make your walk more enjoyable!

Bella and Sadie


We work with dogs who are leash reactive to humans, other dogs, cars, bicycles, etc. to help them re-balance and learn to control their impulses.

Dog door manners 2

Door Manners

We help dogs who are pushy or tend to bolt out the door to have better manners and remain under control while entering and exiting the home.

Dog jumping on person

Jumping on People

We help dogs who are overly excitable upon greeting to learn an alternative way of greeting calmly.  We’ll help you teach your dog a more acceptable behavior such as “go to place”, “hand touch”, or “approach and sit”.



Is your dog constantly stealing food off the counter, or from your hands?  Our systematic approach of teaching your dog “impulse control” works wonders!

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