Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to Canine Congeniality Professional Dog Training’s new website.  This site is constantly changing and evolving to provide a better visitor experience. We originally began with a very basic site on a platform which was very difficult to update and maintain.  We have since upgraded to the WordPress platform using the Elementor page builder plugin which allows for drag-and-drop editing and custom formatting with easy to use beautiful templates.  It’s been quite a learning curve but I have been enjoying the creative process immensely – it’s actually addicting!!

My short-term goal is for visitors to find information about our services easily with an interesting visual experience.  My long-term goal is to provide an online learning experience where clients and visitors can learn or refresh their knowledge and skills.  There will be instructional information, video lessons, a recommended reading list, quizzes, certificates, and more!

I hope you will check back regularly for updates!

If you wish to contact me please use the “Contact Us” link in the main menu.

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Thank you for visiting!

Robyn Lucier

Robyn & Roxy

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