Advanced Training - The Three D's

Distance, Duration, and Distractions

Does your dog not listen when distracted?  We can help!

This program will help you with...

improving "focus"

Get your dog to focus on YOU rather than what’s going on in the environment.  Great for multiple dog households!

Getting longer "STAYS"

Build duration to your dog’s “stay” cue

Even outdoors!

Overcome distractions and reduce reactivity

We work with numerous distractions like animals, food, objects, people, other dogs, sounds, etc..

Working from a distance

Increase your dog’s safety by teaching him to respond to your cues from a distance.

Improving Door Manners

Stop your dog from bolting out the door! 

Our impulse-control exercises will greatly improve your dog’s manners!

Off-Leash Reliability

Our program helps you build a strong bond with your dog so he will WANT to be with you!

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