Behavior Consultations

Are you frustrated with your dog’s behavior?

We can solve these common behavior problems...


Stop the barking and lunging at other dogs or people.

Jumping / hyperactivity

We can help calm those overly excited greetings!

Stealing Food / countersurfing

Let us show you how to control your dog’s impulses.

House soiling

We’ll help you teach your dog WHEN and WHERE to go!

Pulling on the leash

We’ll get your dog walking nicely beside you!


Jumping on furniture

We’ll show you how to reclaim your couch and teach your dog to love his own space.

Door manners

Increase your dog’s safety by teaching him not to bolt out the door.

destructive behavior

Learn how to redirect your puppy’s attention onto appropriate items.


Is your dog tearing up the yard?  We’ll guide you in determining the cause of the digging and design a solution!

Excessive Barking

Chasing the cat


Nipping and mouthing

“Ouch!”  Puppy biting hurts! Let us help you control it!

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